Due to the ongoing pandemic, Winterfest, the annual CA event, was canceled and reimagined in this year’s Springfest. On Saturday, May 8th, students were invited to campus for music, games, Club Expo, treats, a raffle, and a CA tradition known as “Senior Dunking.” 

The activity began at 2:30 in the afternoon on the Chapel Lawn. Clubs set up their tables, with some selling club merchandise like hoodies and hats, and some holding fun games such as picking up M&Ms with chopsticks. It wasn’t a very sunny day, but crowds’ talks and laughter were still present throughout CA’s campus. Spring Fest is a charitable event, as all proceeds are going to the Loveland Foundation, a nonprofit organization “committed to showing up for communities of color… with a particular focus on Black women and girls.” Established in 2018 by Rachel Cargle, the foundation continues to empower those communities through specific aids like “fellowships, residency programs, and listening tours.” 

Most students bought tickets in order to enter in the Raffle and engage in more club activities. The tickets could be used to exchange for treats such as cotton candy and popcorn sold at the event. A giant cotton candy maker was also brought to campus, and long lines waited in front of the stand as the student council made candies of different colors. As the smell of sugar and buttered popcorn lingered on the lawn, students walked around and visited different club booths to obtain information, play games, and buy colorful merches. 

The raffle soon started at 4:30 pm behind the chapel. Prices ranged from Starbucks and Amazon gift cards to speakers and AirPods. Following the exciting event was the most anticipated part of Spring Fest—“Senior Dunking.” Each senior could volunteer to be dunked by their friendsAs students sat back to watch seniors being poured by barrels of water from head to toe, the Spring Fest ended on a delightful note. 

Although this CA tradition—Winterfest—was postponed and modified due to safety measures, most students were able to celebrate it, using it as an opportunity to socialize and relax. Whether in person or online, the CA community always manages to connect through such meaningful events.