It is your first day at your new school and the chapel bell has just rung for lunch. The hallways are filled with noisy students catching up after a long summer, and the StuFac is flooded with people bumping into one another as they try to toast their bagels. It is understandable to be feeling a little lost, which is why I present to you a beginner’s guide to CA, composed of top 5 lists. Hopefully, these lists will make your transition that much smoother. What is the best food to grab during lunch? Where is the best place to study? Where should you hang out with friends? These lists have you covered!

Top 5 StuFac Foods

  1. Chips and Nutella
  2. Sorbet 
  3. Grilled Cheese (hot food bar)
  4. Stir Fry
  5. Bagels 

Top 5 Study Spots 

  1. The quiet section of the library
  2. Labs study rooms 
  3. The quad 
  4. Upper StuFac
  5. 3rd floor labs classrooms after school (usually quiet and empty!)

Top 5 Places to Eat in Town

  1. Dunkin Donuts 
  2. Sorrento’s or New London Pizza 
  3. Bedford Farms 
  4. Main Street Cafe
  5. Starbucks 

Top 5 Events To Attend 

  1. Senior Coffeehouse 
  2. Club Expo 
  3. First Weekend Festival 
  4. Pingree Bowl and Battle at Lexington Christian Academy
  5. Formal 

Top 5 Places to Hang out – Campus

  1. The SHAC
  2. The Quad
  3. The Upper StuFac 
  4. The Playground
  5. The loud section of the library 

 Top 5 Places to Hang Out – In Town

  1. Emerson Park
  2. Any of the coffee shops! (Starbucks, Caffè Nero, Dunkin Donuts, Haute Coffee)
  3. The benches by Main Street Cafe 
  4. Inside the Concord Public Library (a good study place too!)
  5. Concord Library lawn or benches 

Top 5 Things to Do to Stay on Track 

  1. Add all your classes to google calendar and turn on notifications/reminders
  2. Always reach out and talk to your teachers!
  3. Keep important tabs like CA connect bookmarked and memorize your CA connect password
  4. Keep some kind of planner to write down assignments 
  5. Have individual and group study times 

Top 5 “hidden gems” in Town

  1. Concord Market
  2. Farfalle
  3. Nesting
  4. Concord Antiques
  5. Barrow Bookstore

Top 5 Apps to Have 

  1. Google Calendar
  2. Google Drive/Docs
  3. Boardingware 
  4. Khan Academy (very helpful for studying)
  5. mTicket App (for train students, and for day trips)