Located in the heart of Concord Center, CA’s extended campus privileges mean that students have a wide variety of places to eat. Especially for those unfamiliar with Concord, navigating where to eat on extended campus can be pretty tricky. For morning coffee, Concord center has Dunkin, Starbucks, Caffe Nero, and Haute. While Caffe Nero and Haute are closest to CA, their coffee can be quite pricey; for a more budget-friendly option, I would recommend Dunkin or Starbucks. 

Sorrento’s is the closest to campus and is the go-to spot for many CA students. Comela’s pizza is about the same distance from the CA campus, yet is widely regarded as the second best pizzeria in Concord, behind Sorrentos. Helen’s dinner is also a great restaurant for sit-down breakfasts and lunches, although it lacks outdoor seating and may not be the most Covid-safe venue. Main Street Cafe is known for its tasty acai bowls, as well as delicious diner-style breakfasts, however seating is limited so make sure you have plenty of time to spare when dining here. Caffe Nero’s cozy atmosphere and delicious sandwiches and pastries make it a fantastic place to go when the weather gets colder, however, it’s coffee can be pretty expensive. Although their coffee isn’t my favorite, Haute Cafe has delicious sandwiches and pastries that I would highly recommend. 

Prior to Covid, I found Haute’s quiet sit-down atmosphere a great place to get homework done, and would recommend studying there to anyone who feels easily distracted by friends in the library. The Concord Public Library, located across the street from CA, is also a great study alternative to the library. There are group study rooms in the basement, as well as desks on the main floor. 

While Concord’s array of cafes and restaurants are impressive, they do not compare to CA’s most prized possession: the basement vending machine. Hosting candy, chips, and an assortment of beverages, the vending machines are popular for grabbing a snack in between classes. For new students, there is a lot of uncertainty when starting at a new school. However, I can guarantee you this: the vending machines will be your best friends.