As the school year begins, we welcome our new student head of school, Hannah Wixom ’22. Born and raised in Virginia, Hannah moved to Concord at the age of ten. She is an active member of the Concord Academy community and is involved in robotics club, Gender Representation in Technology conference, jazz ensemble, field hockey, basketball, and lacrosse. This is not her first time in council; she was the class president in both her freshman and sophomore year. Hannah is an experienced leader who plans to build connections, preserve traditions, and improve communications. 

Hannah chose to run for student head of school because she wants to help build connections within the community. According to her, last year’s hybrid learning highlighted the importance of community at CA. She says, “I saw how much the school wanted to be together again.” She recognizes the significance of relationships both outside and inside the classroom, and this year hopes to work with council to provide opportunities for students to build connections and form friendships. 

She shares, “By the end of the year, [I want to make sure that] you don’t just know the people within your class: I want freshmen to know seniors, juniors, and sophomores. I want everyone to be connected and feel like they are part of the community. I want us to feel whole again.”

Another initiative of Hannah is to maintain traditions, especially after the pandemic. Some of her favorite traditions at CA include chapel talks, hug lines, sitting in the Stu-Fac pit, and calling teachers by their first names. She feels that traditions strengthen community, and build trust. She explains, “One reason why we’re trying to maintain traditions is to keep people united.”

Hannah also plans to improve communications within the CA community. She and the student vice head of school, Zachary Tung, are putting together policy proposals and look forward to working with council and the Dean of Students, Sally Zimmerli, to develop ideas. Hannah intends to be a supportive leader and make sure everyone’s voice is valued and heard through constant communication. 

One of her favorite classes at CA is Improvisation Play with Shelley Bolman. She describes, “That was the first class where I realized everyone at CA has each other’s backs. I felt comfortable being myself and letting go. I also loved seeing everyone’s moves in the dancing circle.” 

A piece of advice she would give her freshman self is: “Stay late when you can. Eating dinner in the pit with friends after sports was a highlight. I loved being able to connect with a variety of classmates.” Hannah is excited and prepared to welcome new students into CA and guide the community as the student head of school.