Weekends are never boring at Concord Academy. A multitude of unique trips and events are offered every single weekend for students to explore activities on and off-campus. 

CA trips cover such a wide range of activities that students can always find one they are interested in. For those who opt for an active experience, ice skating, escape room, or bowling would be great activities to attend. Boda Borg is also an awesome option, as it provides a series of quests that challenge one both physically and intellectually. On the other hand, those who are interested in performing and visual arts can visit museums, watch plays, or attend a concert. There are also trips to popular restaurants, such as Minado, a Japanese buffet that serves a diverse selection of sushi and seafood. 

In addition to off-campus trips, CA organizes fun events on campus. SHAC (Student Health and Athletics Center) night is one of the classics, during which students gather in the SHAC to enjoy snacks, music, and games, offering the community a great chance to relax and socialize. Dance is held around three times a year, examples being White Out and semi-formal. CA’s performing arts department also produces numerous theater and dance shows every year, while CA chorus and music ensembles hold concerts that both students and parents are encouraged to attend. In addition, house parents on duty organize their own trips every weekend for students and faculty to hang out together. These trips are relatively smaller as they range from making your own granola in the common room to shopping at Bedford Plaza.
As CA is located in Concord center, students are able to wander off freely on the extended campus—a portion of the center—without needing faculty permission. For those who prefer activities in smaller groups, getting donuts, ice cream, pizza, or a cup of coffee is accessible by just going down the street. Boarders who wish to make a trip outside of extended campus on their own or with their friends simply need to fill out a form on Boardingware and obtain approval from their guardians and houseparents. 

Of course, with the pandemic still going on, policies are always being adjusted to ensure the safety of students. Most in-person activities were cancelled last year, and boarders were not allowed to go outside of the extended campus. However, the student life office started offering more online events such as virtual workshops, watch parties, and online games. It is still unknown what the situation will be like beginning this fall. Yet, as the community prepares to come back entirely in-person, it is very plausible that some traditional weekend activities will return as long as safety guidance is followed. CA has spent an incredible amount of effort in finding ways for students to enjoy their weekends to the fullest extent, which contributes to the creation of a home away from home for all.