Concord Academy has an amazing faculty who are willing to help any student in need. However, it can be difficult for new students to identify which faculty member they should approach with their questions. This article gives a brief overview of some important adults, their positions, and what they might be able to help with.

The Academic Support Center (ASC) is an amazing educational resource. Located in the library, the ASC “seeks to help students develop habits of mind and work that will support them in pursuit of their academic goals at Concord Academy.” They help students develop the skills to become “independent learners” rather than providing permanent tutoring. Students who find themselves struggling in a class or a specific academic skill are welcome to drop in or set up a meeting with the content specialists. For other academic help, Martha Kennedy, the Library Director, is also a great faculty member to go to. She can assist in finding a variety of resources, including references, textbooks, and databases. 

The Community and Equity Office works to build a more equitable and inclusive community by providing opportunities to learn and provide feedback. The C&E Office “works in support of the school’s mission of embracing and broadening the diversity of backgrounds, perspectives, and talents of its people.” All students are welcome and encouraged to drop by their office, located in the Upper Student-Faculty Center (Stu-Fac), to address questions or concerns regarding race, sexuality, gender, affinity, social justice, and more. 

The Health and Wellness Offices are other important resources that students should be aware of. CA’s Health and Wellness Offices, located in the Student Health and Athletic Center (SHAC), care for both the physical and emotional well-being of students. There are registered nurses, physical therapists, psychologists, mental health counselors, and social workers on campus. These resources are available to all students, and can be contacted through email or just a simple walk-in to their offices. 

For students living on campus, Annie Bailey, Director of Residential Life, is a great faculty member to reach out to for questions regarding boarding life. She can provide a lot of information regarding boarding rules and events. Annie is also a great person to reach out to to give any feedback or suggestions to improve boarding life. In addition to Annie, CA has house parents—faculty who live on campus in the boarding houses—who can help with similar questions or concerns. If there is an inquiry regarding student life in general, Sally Zimmerli, the Dean of Students, is another helpful person to reach out to. 

Regardless of their positions, faculty and students alike are all very willing to help anyone in need. If there are questions or concerns outside of what is listed above, please reach out to any member of the community for help or redirection!