On Tuesday evenings at 6:15 p.m Politics Club meets with coheads Leo Koerner ’22, Thomas Ysrael ’23, and Ben Franco ’22. The club is a platform for open discussion, and meets weekly to discuss political problems and current issues that the coheads believe are vital to our country. 

The club was originally the “Democrat Club” when it was passed to Leo. With Thomas and Ben, he decided to change it to the Politics Club. As Ben stated, “We [strive to] make it a more inclusive space [and] a more fun, laid back, and more focused space. Plus now there is popcorn, and everyone loves popcorn.”

To create this laid-back space, the discussions are never debates: there is no right or wrong opinion, and no correct answer. The club is just a space to share opinions and relax with popcorn. Each meeting has a topic to prompt discussions but there is also room for people attending to bring another topic to the discussion. 

The first topic the club discussed in their intro meeting was 9/11, and Leo explained this choice: “It is topical and because it was an important event. We talked about 9/11 and how it is affecting us today as well as how we reacted to it then. This ties into leadership skills the students of this school, who are the future leaders of our country, will need.” 

The coheads hope that their club attendees will learn leadership skills, participate in engaging discussions, and acquire broader views of the world by listening to different perspectives and thinking more deeply about problems that affect our country and others. The club invites community members from all backgrounds, political views, and even those who want to just learn more about the subject. If you are looking for something to do on a Tuesday evening and itching to have a political discussion, give Politics Club a try!