I’ve always thought that autumn in Massachusetts is a singularly wonderful experience. Every year, around the end of September, people break out their Halloween decorations and Pumpkin Spice lattes, contributing to the atmosphere of autumn appreciation. 

There are many fun things to do in and around Concord during the Fall season. The most simple among them is just going for a walk to admire the gorgeous, colorful foliage.  Whether around downtown Concord, or out on the trails in Minuteman park, the brisk fall air and crisp breeze are wonderful. The leaves are especially stunning down by Walden Pond, which is an excellent place to go for a chilly mid-autumn swim, or just to admire the water. Another place to visit is the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, where you can see the graves of many famous authors who were residents of Concord. 

There are also many good places to enjoy a fall-inspired beverage or meal in Concord. The obvious ones, Dunkin and Starbucks, both have embraced the Pumpkin Spice frenzy and boast various drinks with the flavor on their menus. You can also try some apple cider, hot or cold, at Haute Cafe, along with a pastry or other treat.

Concord’s autumn offerings, from the lovely outdoors to the delicious food, are some of the many reasons why getting to experience the fall here is such a delight.