Winter is in the air: the first frost has passed, students are clad in their Timberlands and puffer jackets, and people are beginning to sip on peppermint hot chocolattes. Soon, the snow will begin to fall and students will begin sleeping with forks under their pillows, hoping for a snow day. Speaking of snow, let’s get crafty! Here are two simple snowflake crafts that you can enjoy this winter. 

First up, let’s make a pipe cleaner snowflake. For this craft, you only need three pipe cleaners and an assortment of beads of your choosing. To begin, cut two of the pipe cleaners in half. Next, fold three of those halves into a v-shape. Connect two of these v-shaped halves by threading them through one another (shown below) and twist the pipe cleaners together at the point where they meet. Then, place the twisted area into the point of the third v-shaped half and secure it with a twist. Spread out the six arms so that they are equally spaced, creating your six pointed snow-flake. Now for the fun part: adding the beads. You can thread any beads you like onto each arm of the snowflake, spacing them in any way you like. After you fill up each arm of the snowflake, fold over the end of each pipe cleaner to ensure that the beads do not fall off. Voila! You have made a beaded snowflake. This snowflake can easily be made into an ornament, decoration, or necklace by attaching a piece of thread or yarn to any part of the snowflake. 

Have an empty toilet paper or paper towel roll lying around? If so, this next snowflake craft is for you. You will need a toilet paper or paper towel roll, scissors, acrylic paint in a color of your choice, glue, and ribbon. Simply cut the cardboard roll into smaller circles, making sure to measure the pieces so that they all have a similar width. Then, using acrylic paint, cover the rolls and let them dry before moving on to the next step. You will then glue the circles together into a snowflake shape using either glue or a hot glue gun. Finish off by tying a decorative ribbon to the top of your creation. You can hang up this snowflake for a festive winter decoration!