This year, Community and Equity Co-Heads Kiran Bhat ’22 and Gio Clark ’22 founded a student organization called the Diversity Coalition (DivCo), which consists of all the co-heads of social justice and affinity groups on campus. Each month, fifty student leaders come together to develop their leadership skills and inflict real, tangible change within the Concord Academy community. 

Kiran said, “This space is so important because too often we get caught up in the difficulties of leading the individual groups that we don’t recognize the immense collective power we hold together”. This unique space for students with different backgrounds and perspectives to participate in meaningful dialogue creates the opportunity for a more equitable and inclusive environment for all student and faculty members at CA. 

During the first meeting, students examined the Diversity Office and began to think about renaming it to something that more explicitly states who should be in the space to increase transparency among the student body. Students also raised questions about sensitivity training Concord Police Officers receive around anti-Black violence, neurodiversity, and POC safety. With the Safety Assembly coming up, it is vital that this school-wide event is productive, and supports all CA students.

The second meeting focused on a CA online reporting system for students to use wherever they feel uncomfortable, unsupported, or unappreciated within or outside of the classroom. Student leaders encouraged an option for students to remain anonymous, a clear timeline of the process, and a thorough list of health resources for the student who was harmed. While this system is still being workshopped, it aims to extend Common Trust to every member of the community, value all student experiences, and provide accountability to rectify the harm respectfully. 

It is amazing to think about the amount of influence individuals have on making CA a better place. Throughout the rest of the year, DivCo will be sure to remain transparent with the discussions that are taking place, and are open to suggestions from the community!