Every year, CA invites representatives from a diverse range of semester away programs and schools to introduce students to the prospect of spending their junior year studying beyond CA. Since early October, various program directors have come to CA to present their programs to the Class of 2024 in preparation for the upcoming school year.

Most presenters teamed up with CA alumni, who commented on their experiences at their respective programs. This year, six programs were offered: School Year Abroad (SYA), the High Mountain Institute (HMI), the Mountain School, the School for Ethics and Global Leadership (SEGL), Chewonki, and the Oxbow School. Showcasing experiences ranging from backcountry skiing to meeting the president, there was no shortage of intrigue for students looking for a unique learning experience.

While most programs are offered in the US, School Year Abroad is one of two semester away programs that takes students to a foreign country. Students can spend a semester or a year studying in France, Italy, or Spain. Language is a central focus at SYA, with all classes but Math and English being taught in the native language. A local host family is assigned to each student to boost their fluency and cultural understanding of the country.

Like SYA, the School for Ethics and Global Leadership (SEGL) challenges students to develop their leadership skills and ethics overseas. In their campus in Johannesburg, South Africa, SEGL nurtures a sense of economic awareness and strengthens leadership through debates, discussion, and rigorous academics.

However, in contrast with SYA and SEGL, programs such as Chewonki, the High Mountain Institute (HMI), and the Mountain School take students on adventurous outdoor expeditions involving backpacking and camping. Students are encouraged to give back to their community while partaking in chores such as cooking, cutting firewood, and cleaning their own cabins and dormitories.

Though not all are eager to embark on an unfamiliar journey, many students expressed interest in the presentations. With such exhilarating educational opportunities being offered, CA is sure to say goodbye to a new wave of semester away students in the next school year.