Starting at a new school is always daunting, and beginning your Concord Academy experience is no different. It’s daunting to step onto campus as a student for the first time. There are unspoken rules, traditions, and things that would have been nice for people to tell you before your very first day. So, to hopefully combat all of that, here are some tips and tricks from a current student, for surviving at CA.

First: always participate. No matter if it’s in orientation games, classes, sports, or clubs (although some- not me -may say that clubs are overrated), participating in anything and everything is a good idea. You’ll get to know a lot of people and make fun memories, and being an engaged member of the community is very fun. 

Next: be vocal. Speak up when you disagree with something- part of what makes CA CA is that its students are not afraid to voice their opinions. 

You should also always ask for help, when you need it or even when you think you might need it. Your teachers will always want to make sure you understand their class, and they will help you towards reaching that understanding. CA also has many resources, like the Writing Center, where you can get help for any sort of writing from other students, Peer Tutoring, where you can get help from other students on any subject, or, perhaps most importantly, the Academic Support Center (also known as the ASC). The ASC has CA faculty members and tutors to help you with your work, and it’s commonly said that every CA student visits the ASC once in their time at the school. 

Learn how to use the panini presses and stir-fry machines in the Stufac. The food at CA is pretty good, but sometimes you want complete control over your meal. The panini presses and stir-fry machines are invaluable, and a great way to spice up your meal choices a little more. 

Go to events. One of the best things about CA is that because we are a boarding school, we have to keep the students that are on campus all the time entertained. Because of this, there are events every night, and lots on weekends as well! From movie nights to Faculty-Staff coffeehouse, all are a fun way to spend an evening and connect with the community even more. And, most importantly of all… Don’t cut the quad!