Beginning on April 29, 2022, Concord Academy hosted elections for the All-School Council representatives for the 2022-23 academic year. After addressing the entire CA community in the Chapel, Jay Talwar ’23 and Katie Tran ’23 stood out among many qualified candidates and earned the positions of Head of School and Vice Head of School respectively. In their speeches, Jay and Katie emphasized the importance of tradition, transparency, and being a resource for students as leaders of the school. 

The following Thursday, the second wave of elections was held for the majority of the All-School Council positions. Phoebe Burke ’24 and Mia Smith ’25 were elected as Community Action Representatives. The pair hopes to fundraise, plan activities, and create new community service initiatives in both the CA community and abroad. 

Aina Tasso ’23 and Kadija Bah ’23 were chosen from a very competitive field of candidates to serve as Community and Equity Representatives. As put in their speeches, they both aim to focus on supporting underrepresented voices and minority groups while creating a culture of understanding and growth at the school and in the community at large. 

Conor Kennealy ’23 was elected as an Entertainment Representative for the coming year. Conor shared with the school that his goal is to ensure students have fun at events regardless of their interests or grade levels and cultivate collaborative relationships within the student body. Elections for his co-representative will be held in the coming weeks. 

Next year’s four Environmental Representatives will be Jessie Ma ’24, Annie McGarry ’23, Zach Miller ’24, and Laila Mooraj ’24. The quad’s main goals will be to support sustainable initiatives and to investigate how CA can minimize its carbon footprint. Additionally, they all hope to examine the impact CA can make over the next 100 years by proactively supporting environmental justice movements in their work. 

Emma Somol ’23 was elected as Head of Day Students. In her speech, she shared that her goal was to make sure community events were equitable so that all day students, regardless of transportation methods or how far away they live, can participate in events. 

The last official election was held on Tuesday, May 9 for student members of the Discipline Committee. As is tradition, five boarding students and five day students were elected. Mars Bitout ’23, Nathan Dang ’23, Esmée Decola ’23, Reid Delgado ’24, and Isabella Ginsberg ’23 are the boarding students serving on the DC next year. The five day students elected were Harry Carranza ’24, Ella Fogelman ’23, Will Gladstone ’23, Liam O’Brien ’23, and Graylyn Rhee ’24. A common theme in all DC speeches was the importance of fair and equitable decision-making, confidentiality, and empathy. 

The 2022-23 All-School Council members have many strong initiatives, ideas, and goals for CA’s future. To lead the school and rekindle the pre-pandemic atmosphere will be no small feat. However, their experience, determination, and passion leave the community confident that the team will succeed. CA congratulates all those elected and wishes them the best of luck next year!