The Centipede sent out an optional survey to the class of 2022 and asked those who want to to share their college plans. The following is a list of where 61 seniors are matriculating and a pie chart of their interested areas of study.

Max Aaronson: Wheaton College ’26

Tomilola Adegoke: Bowdoin College ’26

Isabelle Aish: McGill University ’26

Thomas Alemu: Northwestern University ’26

Kayla Almonte: Rochester Institute of Technology ’26-27

Charles Apolinsky: Bowdoin College ’26

Chaewon Bae: Brown University ’26

Kiran Bhat: Northwestern University ’26

Talya Borisy: University of Chicago ’26

Anna Brown: Kenyon College ’26

Lainey Brown: Smith College ’26

Christie Burnside: Vassar College ’26

Ia Sofia Cabre-Jockovich: Kenyon College ’26

Anabella de Oliveira Castro: Smith College ’26

Carolina de Oliveira Castro: University of Pennsylvania ’26

Veronica de Oliveira Castro: Pratt Institute ’26

Gio Clark: Brandeis University ’26

Sarah Collier: Colorado College ’26

Jack Connolly: Chapman University ’26

Anika Donohue: University of Richmond ’26

Alexandra Ehlinger: Columbia University ’26

Hannah Fine: Wesleyan University ’26

Gillian Foley: Kenyon College ’26

Benjamin Thomas Franco: Lafayette College ’26

Sophia Di Giovanni: New York University ’26

Sasha Green: Skidmore College ’26

Lilah Grzeszczuk: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute ’27 (gap year)

Quinn Harnden: Kenyon College ’26

Abigail Herrmann: Wake Forest University ’26

Sarah Heuer: Tufts University ’26

Camille Hick: Colgate University ’26

Maya Himelfarb: Stanford University ’26

Cindy Jin: Columbia University ’26

Yewon Kang: Vassar College ’26

Lilia Kasdon: Wesleyan University ’26

Max Koehler: Brown University ’26

Leo Koerner: Harvard University ’26

Rithik Kundu: New York University ’26

Kyra Lauren: Vassar College ’26

Nuo Wen Lei: Brown University ’26

Lisa Liu: Stanford University ’26

Emmy McCormack: Trinity College Dublin ’26

Tyler McGarry: Montana State University ’26

Maggie Myslik: Duke University ’26

Udochi Onuegbu: Swarthmore College ’26

Fitch Perkins: Carleton College ’26

Zoe Perlis: Barnard College ’26

Kiran Rajagopal: Pomona College ’26

Jared Brooks Ae-Ryung Rhee: Yale University ’26

Amanda Rosenbaum: Lehigh University ’26

Grady Savage: Swarthmore College ’26

Libby Stott: Colby College ’26

Jiayang Sun: Princeton University ’26

Alexandra Grace Taylor: Berklee College of Music ’26

William Olmsted Tran: Bowdoin College ’26

Zachary Anqing Tung: Johns Hopkins University ’26

Noah Jeremy Wells: Florida Institute of Technology ’26

Lucy Whitelam: Bates College ’26

Carter Wood: Haverford College ’26

Katherine Yanulis: Northeastern University ’26

Audrey Zhang: University of Chicago ’27 (gap year)

Areas of Study:

Note: Seniors can choose more than one area of interest. Professional schools include architecture, business, nursing, etc.