As the music of songbirds became ubiquitous, and the clear blue sky grew more perpetual by the day, I finally realized that spring is swinging in full motion. Thanks to All-School Council, Concord Academy was able to celebrate this life-giving season with its annual Springfest.

April 30 was a busy day. Not only did CA host an exciting track meet at Emerson Field, students were also able to attend Springfest, which included the festival of Holi. “Springfest was an absolute blast. It was [also] a very relaxing experience,” recalled Alex Zhu ’25. Others enjoyed intense jousting and soccer games on the bouncy castles. A dozen people occupied each, falling, pushing, and racing each other. It was chaotic in the best way possible. Aside from the main attractions of the bouncy castles, an array of outdoor games were set up for those who wished to try them out. Spikeball was my personal favorite, but dart throwing and frisbee seemed very popular as well. 

Near the Chapel lawn, a group of people, including students, faculty and campus children, could be seen queuing up. Upon closer inspection, I found the source of interest: cotton candy. Several Council members were handling snack distribution. A whirring machine spewed out white silks of sugar; a popcorn machine that exploded kernels in front of our very eyes, and Conor eating his shaved ice cone very awkwardly. Daniel Xu ’25 remarked, “I’m not the biggest fan of cotton candy. It gets stuck on my chin, but it was pretty sweet this time.”

As the sun began to set, the spotlight of the festival shifted towards the other side of the Chapel. Throughout the day, Council had been selling white T-shirts. These were intended to be worn during the celebration of Holi, a traditionally Hindu festival, which was about to happen. In an instant, people were pelting each other with colorful cornstarch powder, which drifted in the wind, veiling the air around them in a fabric of blue, green, and red.

It was all fun and games until somebody brought out the water balloons. In a frenzy, people rushed to the water tank, picking out the largest, most destructive balloon they could find. As I pelted my friends and got pelted by them, I had to appreciate the genuine happiness I was experiencing; it was the sincerest feeling of satisfaction I have had in a very long time. We cleaned up the scraps of balloons scattered across the field, while History teacher Topi Dasgupta proudly snapped pictures of students looking like green smurfs.

Let us carry the energy and spirit of springtime with us as we sprint towards the end of the school year!