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10 Things to Do in Concord, MA

Lucas Ewing

Lucas Ewing

Helen Wu, Staff Writer

  1. Eat Pizza! There are three locations where you can get this staple food item. Comella’s, located on Main Street, is the cheapest pizza in Concord, charging only six dollars per pie. Sorrento’s pizza, on Thoreau Street to the right of the train station, has more authentic dough and fixings, but is significantly pricier. New London’s, also on Thoreau Street, sells fairly typical large, greasy slices.
  2. Visit the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery! Concord is full of writing history, and was once home to some of America’s most famous authors. Sleepy Hollow is a beautiful (non-spooky) cemetery very suitable for peaceful walks and runs. Tucked away on a small hill is author’s ridge, which hosts the graves of the Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Louisa May Alcott, and the Hawthorne families. These names will likely appear on the books you study in English class; it is quite a sensation to know that you are gazing at their site of burial.
  3. Caffeine is considered the lifeblood of many students, and there is really no shortage: Starbucks, Dunkin, and Haute. Starbucks and Dunkin are large chain companies that don. Haute Coffee, however, is a local gem. They have a lovely atmosphere for studying, equipped with wifi and amazing, albeit pricey, coffee.
  4.  If you’ve read Little Women, you might be interested in visiting the Orchard House- old home of the Alcott family, and also where the book is supposedly set. You’ll be able to walk through the beautifully decorated little rooms, each filled with real-life artifacts that belonged to various members of the family. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable, so feel free to ask for a tour!
  5. Visit Walden Pond. if you’re familiar with Henry David Thoreau, this was the beautiful place that he chose to live alone in the woods. You can go for a nice swim during the warmer seasons, or just run a lap around the pond. I consider going to Walden the quintessential “getting to know Concord” experience. If you do decide to go, remember to white slip and travel in triples (a boarder rule). Walden Pond is approximately a two-mile walk from CA.
  6. Borrow a book from the Concord Free Public Library (CPL). The CPL boasts a very impressive collection of books, and also works as a very cozy studying sanctuary. It is a free resource that is literally less than 50 ft from campus. Why not use it?
  7. Get ice cream from Bedford farms. Right next to Sorrento’s, this ice cream shop is a favorite among CA students, characterized by our ice cream socials. They have wonderful standard flavors, but also some slightly funky but scrumptious twists (purple cow chips!). I find myself going to Bedford farms at least once a week when the weather is nice.
  8. Stock up on daily supplies at CVS or Rite Aid. Since our school is situated nicely in Concord, there isn’t even a need for a school store,though there are occasional pop ups. Students can walk ten minutes in either directions of Concord, and buy their stationary or other supplies at these pharmacies.
  9. Go for a run to North Bridge. This is another favorite destination for runners and tourists alike! North Bridge is where the Battle of Concord started, also setting off the war of Independence. Though you may think it looks like any other bridge, this is the bridge where the shot was heard around the world (search it up!).
  10. Go to Boston on the train. Many day students are very familiar with the train station since they travel to and fro on this to school everyday, but boarders often don’t realize how convenient it is. You can search up the commuter rail schedule online, and there’s no need to purchase tickets before hand. Before you go, make sure you white slip properly with a house parent.

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10 Things to Do in Concord, MA