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Seniors Unveil New Peer Advisory System

Aaron Carrasco, Staff writer

This fall marks the start of a new peer advisory system, designed by this year’s rising senior class. The system is meant to foster bonds between seniors and freshmen, who will be partnered up and will then meet at least every two weeks. Groups will meet and catch up so that the freshmen get to know their senior buddy better and can go to them for help navigating CA.

 Freshmen are new to the school and are both nervous and excited. This is where the peer advisory system comes into play. The upperclassmen know the ins and outs of the school. They know the good places to study, all the school traditions and unspoken rules. This peer-based system is meant to supplement CA’s advisor system by giving new students someone else to ask questions to or look to for advice.

In the past few years, there have been several attempts to make a coordinated “buddy” system to allow students in different grades to bond with each other. These systems did not last for long.

The Class of 2018 decided to bring this system back during their Junior Leadership Retreat last spring. At the retreat, members of the class discussed how they would’ve liked to have a system where underclassmen and upperclassmen could interact during their first year at CA. The class as a whole came to the conclusion that a peer advisory system would be very beneficial, if executed well.

In order to make sure the system is effective, the seniors opted to make it voluntary. Instead of  the role of adviser being forced onto all seniors, only those who signed up for the system would be assigned a freshmen. This was to ensure that there would be a drive and purpose behind the system.  The goal of the peer advisory system is to make the transition into freshman year smoother, more comfortable, and more fun for the incoming freshmen class.

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Seniors Unveil New Peer Advisory System