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Sarah Yeh Named Interim Dean of Students

Photo Courtesy of Concord Academy

Photo Courtesy of Concord Academy

Marina He, Staff writer

Former Head of the History Department Sarah Yeh was made the interim dean of faculty for the 2017-2018 school year, following last spring’s departure of Jenny Chandler.

As the interim dean, Yeh will be tasked with the supervising and hiring of faculty members, guiding new faculty, and running faculty meetings. She will also work on “professional development,” and “evaluation,” which according to Yeh, is a process in which faculty member’s evaluate a colleagues teaching.

“I am particularly excited for what is at the heart of the role – to be a support and advocate for adults in their work and life at CA and to partner with faculty, staff, administrators, students, and families to advance the mission of the school and its people,” Yeh said.

She has multiple goals for the upcoming year, including improving “collaboration and communication” within the community. This includes expanding CA’s relationships in the larger community, providing more “space and time for conversations to happen at CA.” Yeh added that in addition to this, she will be co-leading a committee with Assistant Dean for Community and Equity Laura Twichell to support the Wilcox Fellowship Program.

This school year also brings the accreditation process that the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) conducts in its member schools every ten years. The purpose of this process is to ensure that the education provided by the particular school meets the standards of the association.

There are seven major standards in total that the NEASC has for its accreditation process for boarding high schools. Examples include: ensuring that the school mission is clear and well represented in all aspects throughout the institution, that there are enough resources to support current and future proposals, that admissions chooses to enroll students that they believe will profit from the school’s education, and that the school in addition to focusing on the overall well-being of the community also places sufficient attention on the experience of the individual, whether that be interactions with faculty, staff, or students.

Yeh is looking forward to collaborating with faculty in their work for this procedure, specifically their task of commencing a self-study that will be used for a NEASC visit in the subsequent school year. Yeh said, “Students will also be an important part of the process, and [they] will be surveyed as part of the NEASC self-study.” Being a member of the NEASC Steering Committee, Yeh will be involved in overseeing the procedure, setting schedules and deadlines, organizing faculty into different committees for varying focuses of the study, providing advice and assistance, and more.

Yeh looks forward to the return of all students and faculty and feels honored to be able to work as the new interim dean.

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Sarah Yeh Named Interim Dean of Students