The Centipede

2018-2019 Staff

Helen Wu '19

Executive Editor

Helen is a senior boarder from Shanghai China. She loves running, writing, and making art. She is pictured with her spirit animal, the alpaca, above.

Izzy Charles '19

Managing Editor

Isabelle is a Senior from Milton, MA. In her free time she enjoys singing and snacking.

Lily Gray '20

News Editor

Lily Gray is a Junior from Concord, Massachusetts.  She is a day student who loves to compete on the Volleyball, Alpine Skiing and Tennis teams for CA. In her free time, Lily can be found hanging out with her friends or painting...

Peter Connolly '19

Opinion Editor

Peter is a senior at Concord Academy with a strong interest in politics and world affairs. He is the head of the Model UN club and runs his own blog in addition to his position as Opinions Editor. He also loves playing soccer...

Anna Sander '20

Science and Technology Editor

Anna Sander is a junior from Lincoln, MA. In her free time, she loves doing puzzles, watching the Red Sox, and hanging out with her cat.

Meera Singh '19

Arts Editor

Meera Singh is a senior from Newton, MA. In her free time, she's either making or listening to music. Her favorite artists are Raveena, The Neighbourhood, and Gus Dapperton. She'll always be up for a conversation about your favorite...

Darley Boit '21

Sports Editor

Darley is a Sophomore from Brookline, Massachusetts.

Rylie Robinson '21

Sports Editor

Rylie is a Sophomore from Newton. She is an avid dancer and in her free time, she likes to read books.

Samantha Davidson '19

Photo Editor

Samantha is a senior boarder from Lexington. In her free time, she enjoys singing and field hockey.

Lucas Ewing '19

Photo Editor

Lucas is a day student and Senior who currently lives in Carlisle MA. Originally is from Sweden, where he lived for a total of eleven years. In his free time he enjoys squash, sailing and film.

Eric Liu '21

Production Staff

Eric Liu is a Sophomore from Xi‘an China. He enjoys drawing and has a cat called Dumpling.

Tyler Ory ‘21

Website Editor

Tyler is a Sophomore from Lincoln, Massachusetts. In his free time, he enjoys reading the news and biking. He is also an avid Patriots fan.

Susannah Paine '20

Staff Writer

Susannah Paine is a Junior from Winchester. In her free time, she enjoys reading and baking.

Lisa Liu '21

Staff Writer

Lisa Liu is a freshman from Shenzhen, China. She loves the food back home, especially hot pot and steamed buns

Bryan Montenegro '21

Staff Writer

Bryan Montenegro is a sophomore from Queens, New York. In his free time, he enjoys making films and hanging out with his friends.

Kate Yanulis '22

Staff Writer

Kate Yanulis is a freshman from Madagascar. In her free time, she likes ceramics and hanging out with her friends.

Cindy Bao

Staff Writer

Cindy Bao is a sophomore from Beijing. She enjoys science, volleyball, and photography.

Addie Politi '22

Staff Writer

Addie Politi is a Freshman from Manchester Massachusetts. She has a dog named Leo and during their free time, she likes to hike and take photos.

Alex Tesson '19

Staff Writer

Alex Tesson is a Senior from Newton. He likes writing news articles about movies, but he didn't really like The Post.

David Korn '19

Staff Writer

David Korn is a Senior from Newton. In his free time, he enjoys cooking and cheering on the Red Sox and Patriots.