How to Be More Environmentally Sustainable in the Age of COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis has shone a spotlight on sustainability, exposing the weaknesses of supply chains across the globe. While carbon dioxide emissions dropped dramatically as a result of the shutdown, this positive is largely outweighed by alarming trends such as the...

A Profile of Zora Vermilya, Wilcox Fellow in English

The Wilcox Fellows program is an important part of Concord Academy and has become an impactful faculty initiative. The program allows CA to work with “promising young people from populations underrepresented in independent schools.” This year we are fortunate to have...

Help Me Larry – Late September 2020

Dear Larry,  Help! I’m in a history class with my ex and our teacher keeps creating randomized breakout rooms for class discussions! We’ve been stuck together so much lately, and it’s so awkward. What do I do? Yours,  Broken Up and Broken OutHey Broken Up and Broken...

Dance at CA 2020-2021

Dance is an art form that incorporates physical interaction, movement, and collaborating with others. In these unprecedented times, some of these factors are not an option anymore. However, even with the distance, the dance department was able to find innovative ways...

NBA Strike

After a nearly five-month hiatus from play, regular seeded NBA games returned on July 30th, 2020. Many players were eager to return to the NBA, but others were hesitant about its return. Perennial All-Star point guard, Kyrie Irving, was among some of the players who...

Who Are We?

The Centipede is a student-run journalism publication that distinctly reflects the CA student body. We are comprised of several student writers, editors, and layout staff.

What do we do?

Our 2020-21 Editorial Board is made up of about 20 students who work as editors and staff writers. Each member contributes ideas, writing, and edits to every issue. Those on staff also attend weekly meetings, where we work to plan upcoming issues, sharpen our journalistic skills, and train new writers.


What do we write about?

Within each publication, you’ll likely encounter articles on school events, local art exhibits, winning sports teams, and interviews with faculty, staff, and alumnae/i. We also publish commentary written by CA students about personal experiences, politics, and more.

How do we create our publications?

Members of the staff are involved in every stage of the paper’s production, pitching article ideas, interviewing sources, photographing events, and perfecting the layout.

Though we recently launched this website where you can stay up-to-date with The Centipede online, our print edition remains the newspaper’s flagship. Free copies of each issue are distributed to students and faculty, but you can sign up to receive our monthly paper in the mail by emailing Renee Coburn ( in the Student Life Office. We hope that these editions keep you informed about not only what is occurring on campus, but also about what CA students are discussing with friends in the dining hall and debating in classrooms.